1. What are the advantages and features of your products? + -

Our products have the advantages and characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, high reliability, and high cost performance, and can meet the precision machining needs of different industries and fields. Our products include threading tools, grooving and cutting tools, self-locking interchangeable head quick drills, non-standard forming tools and other types, which can adapt to the processing of various materials and processes.

2. How to guarantee the quality of your products? + -

The quality of our products has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and the production and testing are strictly in accordance with national and industry standards. We have introduced international advanced production equipment and testing instruments, and adopted high-quality raw materials and coatings to ensure the consistency and stability of our products. We also provide comprehensive after-sales service, providing professional guidance and support for the use and maintenance of products.

3. How about your product price? + -

Our product prices are reasonably priced based on product type, specification, quantity, delivery date and other factors, taking market competition and customer needs into consideration. The price of our products is highly competitive, which can save 80% of the cost and improve the efficiency for customers.

4. How about your product lead time? + -

The delivery date of our products is reasonably arranged according to factors such as product inventory, production plan, and customer orders, and at the same time, fully communicates and coordinates with customers. The delivery time of our products is generally completed within 7-15 days after the order is placed. For urgent or special orders, we will try our best to meet the needs of customers.

5. How to order and pay for your products? + -

Our products can be ordered through the website, telephone, mail, etc., and can also be negotiated through offline visits or exhibitions. We accept bank transfer, Alipay, WeChat and other payment methods, and we can also provide credit account or other payment methods according to the customer's situation.

6. What technical support and services do you provide? + -

We provide a full range of technical support and services, including technical consultation on product selection, design schemes, processing parameters, and user guides, as well as technical services such as product installation, commissioning, repair, and maintenance. We also provide online or offline training, technical exchanges, new product introductions and other activities to help customers improve their technical level and application capabilities.

7. Who are your partners and customers? + -

We have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, including automobiles, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, electronic information, medical equipment and other industries and fields. Our customers are all over the country, and we also export to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

8. What are some application examples or success stories of your products? + -

Our products have extensive application cases or success stories in various industries and fields, such as:
1. In the automotive industry, our threading tools and grooving and cutting tools provide customers with efficient, precise and stable processing solutions, help customers improve the quality and performance of auto parts, and reduce production costs and energy consumption.
2. In the aerospace industry, our additive manufacturing and ultra-precision machining technologies provide customers with complex structure, high-strength, and lightweight parts manufacturing solutions, helping customers achieve design innovation and performance optimization of aerospace vehicles .
3. In the machinery manufacturing industry, our self-locking interchangeable head quick drills and non-standard forming tools provide customers with multifunctional, efficient and flexible hole processing and forming solutions, helping customers improve the processing efficiency of mechanical parts and quality.

9. What development plan or vision do you have? + -

Our development plan or vision is:
1. Adhere to customer-centric, continuously improve product quality and service level, meet the diverse and individual needs of customers, and build a brand that customers are satisfied and trusted.
2. Adhere to innovation as the driving force, continuously invest in R&D resources, make breakthroughs in key core technologies and system integration technologies, develop more high-end, intelligent, and green products, and lead the development of the industry and technological progress.
3. Adhere to cooperation as the basis, continuously expand market channels and partners, establish a wider industrial chain and supply chain network, and achieve mutual benefit and common development.